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Even The Crows: A Divided Gujarat

Even the Crows is a film about the murky past of India’s new Prime Minister, Narendra Modi – a past that cannot be easily erased, especially for the victims of one of the most horrific massacres to take place in the subcontinent’s recent history. In 2002, thousands of Muslims were killed, raped and displaced in India’s North-Western state of Gujarat when Hindu nationalist groups supported by the state government unleashed widespread violence. Over 10 years on, Narendra Modi, the then-Chief Minister of Gujarat, prepares for national elections to become India’s next Prime Minister, although he still faces serious allegations of complicity in the riots.

Through the intimate stories of American-Gujarati Nishrin, whose father, a prominent Muslim MP, was butchered during the 2002 Gujarat riots, and British-Gujarati Imran, who was the sole survivor when he was attacked along with his two uncles while on holiday in the state, Even the Crows explores Modi’s link to the violence and the minority community’s ongoing struggle for justice.

(78 minutes, directed by Sheena and Sonum Sumaria)

“Even the Crows takes us straight to the heart of an unconscionable atrocity, where we can see at once two nearly obscured facts: the inhuman chicanery of the perpetrators and their accomplices, and the great suffering of the victims” – Pankaj Mishra

“a must see for all those concerned with contemporary Indian politics and the dangerous contemporary rise of Hindu nationalism” – School of Oriental and African Studies, UK


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