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Guerrera Films is an independent production company set up by filmmaker sisters, Sheena and Sonum Sumaria. We believe in the transformative power of the moving image, and hope to promote independent thinking, freedom and positive values through creative and emotive films.  

Sheena started her career in international development, after completing her studies in Economics and Development Studies at Cambridge and SOAS. While living in Colombia, she made her first film, ‘Still Standing’ which told the stories of the slums of Medellín, which she followed with ‘Chile Building Dreams’, about the Chilean student uprising (HispanTV). She co-directed her first feature documentary ‘Even the Crows: A Divided Gujarat’ with her sister Sonum, about the 2002 anti-Muslim pogrom in Gujarat and the rise of Hindu nationalism. Sheena’s short films include ‘Why we voted leave: Voices from northern England’ about Brexit, and ‘30 Years’ about a homeless man in London. At present she is working on a longterm project about a group of courageous Indian fishermen launch the first‐ever lawsuit against the World Bank in a US court.

Sonum is an award-winning filmmaker, who has been making documentaries on marginalised communities for the past ten years. She read Spanish and Russian at Cambridge University, and studied at the Cuban film school, EICTV, going on to complete an MA in Cinematography at MetFilm School in London. Her work includes 'In the Shadows of Moscow', a film exploring xenophobia in the Russian capital, 'Goppi, The Cuban Indian', a short about identity and belonging in Havana, and 'Even The Crows: A Divided Gujarat', a feature on Hindu nationalism, which she co-directed with her sister Sheena. Sonum has also made a number of activist films focussing on the rights of indigenous peoples of Brazil. She is currently working on a feature-length documentary about one of the last remaining nomadic camel-herding families in Western India.

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